Kalleh Dairy Co. is only the first dairy company to distribute its products, without intermediaries to the supermarket in national wide. Now, 23 sales and distribution branches in various provinces under the supervision of central sales organization are working with more than 65,000 supermarkets.
Also in line with company policy, making diversity, new markets for the first time are directly targeted. Kalleh has succeeded to penetrate Fast foods through the whole country, and converted many first degree fast foods to its permanent customers. S&D organization  is gradually penetrating other markets.

 Row  Branch               Address
 1 Amol 2 km Noor road
 2 Oroomie Kalleh Co. Aydinesorkh Fridge, 4 km Mahabad road, Oroomie
 3 Mazandaran Barfe chal Fridge, yas street, Sanat Square, Tashbandan Industrial Estate, Mahmoodabad, Mazandaran
 4 Esfahan After Sepah Garrison, Sofe industrial Estate, 4 km Shiraz road, Esfahan
 5 Bandar Abas Industrial Estate NO 2, Bandar Abas
 6 Mashhad Antene Aseman Alley, infront of Shire pegah, 15 km Ghoochan road, Mashhad
 7 Shiraz No 27, 2nd Alley, Toward Airport Circle, Rishmak crossroad, Amir Kabir Boulevard, Shiraz
 8 Rasht Darsazi Region, 5 km Lahijan road, Janbazan square, Rasht
 9 Tabriz Kalleh Co. second floor of Taghizade Plastic, right side of Town Corner Entry,Shahid Rajaee industrial Estate, Azar shar road, Tabriz
 10 Ghazvin Molana fridge, Next to Emkan Union, right side of The third sub-Street,Khalij fars Boulevard,Alborz industrial Estate Ghazvin
11 Ahvaz Shahid Eskandari street, Lashgar Street, Ahvaz
12 Kerman No 9, Soosan street, industrial Estate No 1, Jooybar road, kerman
13 Ghom Kalleh Co. under floor of Kabinetsazi, near to Andishe town, Del azar Boulevard,Valiasr square, Ghom
14 Kermanshah No 1173, across the Melli Bank, between Shapoor crossroads and Takhti three road, Molavi street
15 Hamedan  
16 Etehad No 37, Shahid Mohsen abade street, Etehad street, Tehranpars
17 Foodservice Near to Solico meat company, Afra street, Azadegan- Ahmadabade mostofi Ring road
18 AhmadAbad  
19 Yazd Mr Sadeghi fridge, Naghsh Deadlock, near to Soghand school, across the Gas station, Modares Boulevard, Yazd
20 Birjand 2nd floor, No 2, 5th Tohid,Tohid Street, Birjand
21 Booshehr 4th alley, Tohid street, Lian street,10 km industrial Estate No 2 raod, Booshehr
22 Ardebil Karoon Ice cream, 5 km Giland village, Ardebil
23 Shariar Iran bartar Co. Baghestan, Shariar Road, after the Azadegan ring road, Tehran