About Us

In 1991 and 1992 Kalleh dairy company was established in the Amol. Primary Brand, which supposed to be the main brand for this company dairy product was the Mack, but given that from the early people welcomes was more from Kalleh name, the little Kalleh became the dairy company original brand.

Development of Kalleh dairy factories in the city of Amol is as follows:
1991: Milk collection stations were created widly
1992: Industrial production of yoghurt was started for the first time by Kalleh Co. in Iran.
1993: Ice cream production line launched and the little its Diversity Products increased a lot.
1994: Production line of cheese, including processed cheeses launched. In this production  line, different chesses like Amol white chesses, cream cheese, cumin, lighvan, katij, gvda and … have been released.
1995: plain and flavored milk production line (e.g. banana milk) launched. Then UHT unit milk (Milk with high durability in Tetrapak packaging) began.
1996: Kalleh Product packaging containers production line was launched. Now this production line work near the Kalleh dairy Co. named Kaach, independently and In addition to the production of packaging containers, printed on the container also performs.
1997: Industrial dry milk production line launched.
1998: industrial powders production line such Whey powder launched.
1999: Cream cheese production line launched.

Then Kalleh dairy Co. still has followed the strategy of increasing the quality and diversity of products and has become one of the largest and most successful companies in the field of dairy products in the country and the Middle East.

New Developments decision:
Approximately between 2005 and 2006, increasing development of Kalleh dairy Co. was causing problems and led the decisions which it was new factories supplying the market in terms of raw materials and consumer market, Establish the best position to come. Also Strategy to isolate and independent units such as ice cream, sauces unit, packaging unit and ... On the agenda was.

Policy of improving technical knowledge and products quality through partnerships with reputable foreign companies was also emphasized. The Tehran dairy company Company was established with the aim of producing dairy products for Tehran Co. in Shahriar.

Products & Brands
Group Products groups Distributed to markets with brands Kalleh, Solico, Mack, Fille and ….
Kalleh products are highly variable products.
So that now more than 150 types of dairy products are marketed.

The main products include:
Milk: Variety of low fat milk, high fat, vitamin, Low-lactose and flavored with chocolate flavor, bananas, dates, chocolate and …
Cheese: More than 100 types of cheese such as white, cream, Chdar, processing, cumin, Lyqvan, pizza and…
Natural cheeses: Produce eight kinds of natural cheese such as Gvda, Bluecheese, Kmmbr, parmesan ... in Iran only are produced in Kalleh Co.
Yogurt: variety of fat yogurt, low fat, cream , Shallot, Fruity and …
Buttermilk: Types of simple buttermilk, flavored, sparkling, probiotic
Butter and cream
Powder: Cheese powder, milk powder, dry powders and other types of industrial powder.
Dessert: Pudding desserts in different flavors.
Customers of Solico and Kalleh Groups can be divided into two categories of internal and external customers.

Internal customers:
Restaurants and fast foods (Mainly in Tehran)
Food preparation companies (Mainly in Tehran)
Chain stores (Mainly in Tehran)

External customers:
Solico and Kalleh Groups Will export its products to the Persian Gulf and neighboring countries such as Iran, Iraq, Saudi, Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Lebanon and ... . As also mentioned earlier Solico and Kalleh groups already planning to export and earn market share in Europe, U.S. and Russia.
Kalleh Human Resources

Already about 4500 people are working in the Solico and Kalleh Groups companies. That about 2500 people in manufacturing and about 2000 people in sales and distribution are working.